Coaching For High Performance

Attaining high performance is not only for high achievers and elite athletes.
It’s about being the best you can be in life by achieving your personal and professional potential.

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Personal Improvement

At Coaching For High Performance your life coach will help you make positive life long changes in your personal life.

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Corporate & Executive

We coach successful people to achieve their full potential in the corporate world and bring balance to their personal environment.

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Athlete Enhancement

Learn how to recover and stay focussed on your ultimate goal under high pressure competitive situations.

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About Coaching For High Performance

Larry Asma is the founder of CFHP. He has worked as a trainer, life coach and manager with leading high performance teams. Our goal is to help people chart their path for personal improvement and business success to ultimately  become the person they are supposed to be. We service: Hamilton, Burlington, Milton markets.

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A sampling from clients who worked with Larry Asma at Coaching For High Performance

Fitness /Weight
Loss Goals

Who: Sue
Difference: Healthy Choices

Future Goals
& Aspirations

Who: Shannon
Difference: Positive Outlook


Who: Stewart
Difference: Communicaton

How Will Coaching Help Me?

New Paths

You run a successful business and have reached your financial goals without any outside assistance, so why do you need a coach? Coaching provides creative approaches to reach your ultimate objective and helps you explore new paths to your personal and professional success.

Changing Behaviours

You are relatively happy with your life and what you have achieved but there are some negative thoughts or behaviours that you want to change and you don’t know how. We utilize tools that empower you to make changes that can be immediate and have long lasting effect.

Integrate Personal and Professional

You are running hard and have achieved levels of success that have exceeded your dreams yet something seems to be missing. We help you integrate your professional and personal life, aligning goals and actions to ensure they are congruent and right for you.

Something Missing?

Is something missing in your life?  You know you want to make some changes but are not sure where to start? As your life coach we are here to help with your lifeplan, to coach and counsel you through the improvements you really want. Tap your inner resources to reach your goals.

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