Be more like Charlie

Charlie wakes up every morning and is one happy guy. He starts his day with a big stretch before his first run in the backyard. When he comes in he relishes the same food every day and treats it like a fine gourmet meal. Walks at the park are awesome and around every corner there is a friend or a friend to be. He loves to move, running, romping and playing with his friends like it’s the best thing ever. He lives his life to the fullest and brings joy to those around him.

People though are confused, stressed and worried. We get grumpy, dwell on the past, focus on the negatives, get strung out and obsess on the future. Charlie would say, “the only time you really live is right now so enjoy every moment like it is your last one”.

I am a coach and a trainer and Charlie has the secret of life. If we just paid attention to Charlie and his friends I would be out of business. Thankfully (for me) most people don’t find change that easy. So, I won’t update my resume right away. We need to learn to get out of our own way and change the way we view the world and our place in it. Remember how easy and fun life is for Charlie and can be for you too.

Be more like Charlie

Enjoy every single moment
The past is just that, forget it
Relish food like its a fine gourmet meal
Move as much as you can and enjoy it
Friends and friends to be are everywhere
Smile, live today and love your life

# Be more like Charlie