Running from yourself?

Old beliefs go with you !
I have a good friend who is cool and confident but when his frail, elderly father barks an order at him he just turns to mush. He tries to stand up to him but it just does not work. He asked me what was wrong with him, why couldn’t he deal like an adult with his father? I asked him to read a book about how we learn and acquire our beliefs and attitudes in life. It stated that up until about age 6 that people just accept as truth everything that they are told as the truth. As we grow up we learn to reason but in the early years we just accept what is told to us by parents and authority figures. If the story is not positive it will still become your belief and change your attitude. You will pay the price down the road. When we are stressed and emotional we particularly revert back to those early beliefs and they continue cause us hassles and frustrations as adults.
We think that sheer will power will do the job but our innermost thoughts are always there and can torment us. If it’s a case of will power versus our innermost thoughts our innermost thoughts win every time. Coaching using hypnosis and self-hypnosis can help you reprogram and update those old beliefs. It can be amazingly quick and effective. Why not try this new approach right now and become the person you want to be?