The Comfort Trap

Most of us just want the comfort and confirmation of what we believe to be true. We insulate our world with people, information and newsfeeds that confirm our current beliefs. I have a good friend who is bored, stressed, has no friends, drinks too much, is obese and is unhappy with his life. He creates stories and excuses to support his personal delusion of reality and why he can’t do anything to change it. He ignores the real-life consequences of his poor daily choices. He martyr’s himself to his circumstances and is convinced that it is happening to him. He honestly believes that there is nothing he can do,” its just the way I am”. If only this person or that circumstance would change then it could all be different but he can’t change on his own. He is also a great distracter with other immediate tasks seemingly more important because he can’t deal with reality. There is evidence everywhere that he is really hurting himself but the comfort and familiarity create a compelling trap. Sometimes the consequences happen so gradually that we adapt and don’t perceive the problem until we are lost in our own trap.
When we are young we easily go beyond the edge of your experience. But as we get older I suggest as early as your midlife we start to get caught in the comfort trap. The trap that may not be uncomfortable and unpleasant but you know what you have and many people consider change an even bigger risk.
If your life is like a yoyo with recurring problems and habits you want to get rid of consider some new paths in life. It all starts when you get real and stop blaming others. Right now, stop distracting yourself with technology, media, drug, smokes or booze. It all starts with you. Change yourself and go beyond your own comfort zone and it gives you incredible insight into your own situation and the ability to help others grow through their limitations.
Most ignore this call and slowly disappear into the comfort of familiarity and the predictable. Just getting away with things should be a phase in life. Get real with yourself and have some fun with a new game of remaking yourself. All you have to lose is a life you don’t really want anyway. If it doesn’t work out you can always go back to the comfort of the cocoon.
Many people don’t even realize they are hurting them self. Others say that is just the way I am and seem proud of having a lousy label on their life. A classic denial is people who take pride in being really good at logical thought. The business world tends to reward this since It looks smart and you must be doing the right thing and sometimes it is. But is does not work well when you are working with the emotional side of life. It tends to wreak havoc with your relationships, health and the enjoyment of life. Being analytical with feelings and just using logical thought does not work with emotions. It just sublimates the problem and it can manifest itself in some strange ways
The truth is that we are all ruled by our emotions, and we rationalize our decisions after we have made them emotionally. Even the most logical rational person does this. Not admitting it is like a magic trick. And it means that you are going through life by fooling yourself. Consider some new and creative ways to change your journey of life and open the door out of the comfort trap.
Its hard to admit that many of our beliefs are likely an inaccurate representation of reality. But what if you could embrace this concept and learn new creative ways to view the world and tools to improve your life? It exhilarating to learn and grow again, it takes some courage but it makes you feel alive again with the possibilities. You have nothing to lose if it does not work you can always cocoon in your old beliefs.