The Wizard of You

We all remember Dorothy and Toto being whisked from Kansas in a tornado landing in the Land of Oz. They embarked on a perilous journey travelling along the Yellow Brick Road towards Emerald City accompanied by the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Woodsman and the Scarecrow to find the Wizard of Oz. This motley crew had many exciting and frightening adventures to reach the Land of Oz in search of the all-powerful Wizard. They believed that only he could grant their wishes.

The Scarecrow wanted brains, the Tin Woodsman wanted a heart and the Lion wanted courage. Of course, it turned out that they already had those things they just did not know it and more important they did not believe it. The Wizard stuffed the Scarecrow’s head with needles, pins and bran and declared. “I have given you brains and hereafter you will be a great man.” The Scarecrow believed the Wizard and now felt very wise indeed. The Wizard took a silk heart stuffed with sawdust and placed it in the Tin Woodman’s breast. The Wizard said “now you have a heart any man would be proud of.” The Tin Woodsman believed the Wizard and he felt tender and loving. The Lion drank a special potion that the Wizard said was courage. “Drink this” said the Wizard and you will be filled with courage. The Lion believed the Wizard, drank the potion and he feared nothing.

Never mind that the Wizard of Oz turned out to be an ordinary man. He was extraordinary in that the had the capacity and confidence to make people believe. The Wizard changed their lives by transforming their belief about themselves.

As the story unfolded the newly minted believers were tested in their new powers and all performed according to their new beliefs. The Scarecrow was brilliant, the Tin Woodsman was kind and the Lion was fearless and courageous. They knew they could now do these things, The Wizard of Oz told them so and they truly believed in him, he was after all the famous and all-powerful Wizard of Oz.

What an awesome metaphor for our innermost thoughts. The Wizard could make dreams come true because people had no doubt in his awesome power. Now think about your all powerful inner beliefs. Whatever you truly believe in at the core of your being is what your mind works 24/7 to carry out. If you believe you are brilliant, fearless and loving then your subconscious mind works tirelessly to make those beliefs come true.

However, if you deep down believe that you are unworthy, cowardly, stupid or don’t deserve love then the subconscious mind finds ways to make those inner beliefs come true. Most of us do not know how to make changes in our core beliefs. When you discover the right tools change becomes transformational and you become a new person. When you are ready and get on the right road it’s like finding your own Yellow Brick Road and unleashing your own all-powerful Wizard. Haven’t you experienced enough hassle and frustration in life and waited long enough? Isn’t it time to find your new path and start your own journey to get your wishes granted?