Win this Painting

You have an opportunity to own this original window art painting by friending me on Facebook. This is a shameless self promotion for my business in Milton, ‘Coaching For High Performance.’ I want to share the news that I use coaching and practical-hypnosis to improve academic, business and sports performance. Hypnosis also helps get rid of unwanted behaviours such as: being overwhelmed by stress, excess weight and smoking.

How you can win.

To get your name in the draw simply friend me on Facebook, use this link and click on, add friend. The last day to enter is Wednesday May 16th and the draw will take place on May 17th.

You can double your chance to win by friending Larry Asma on Facebook, and also click on the link to my Facebook business page ‘Coaching for High Performance’ and click add friend.

Existing Facebook friends

You are automatically entered into the draw. You can also increase your chance of winning by sharing this opportunity and if your friend connects your name goes in the draw for another chance to win.

The painting will be available for pickup by the winner at my home address in Hamilton or my business office at 69 Main Street, Milton Ontario. The painting is acrylic on window glass with a varnish overlay painted by yours truly.

Have fun, share with your friends and I hope you win.