Worry and Stress Are Wrecking My Life.

Helen is a successful executive but is always worried about the future, the “what ifs” in life. Consequently she was never in the moment and missed many things. She was unable to reflect upon any good memories, because she always worried about what was coming.  When presented an opportunity, she used to say “I am just going to think about it,” but she really meant that she would obsess about all the things that could go wrong. She genuinely needed and wanted to change but lacked the tools to do something about it.

We reframed her world, gave her some activities and tools to live in the moment. She can now live in the present and  is creating positive memories. We provided our service commitment so even if she needs a refresher session we are here and provide it free of charge.

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Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety- and stress-related disorders.